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Here are a list of friends I'd like to say "Hello" to, who I have known during my 4 ½ years on-line.

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In no particular order

Eric Finestead

Eric has now married Gris. Lucky bugger. Good luck to them both for the future.

Griselda Finestead

Gris is now married to Eric (opposite) Missed the opportunity of meeting her recently, something that I'll never forgive myself for :o(

Alan Chatfield

The No. 1 Watford supporter. Just one thing…don't mention L*ton Town Football Club to him.

Carolyn Grinberg

A true friend from Arlington, Virginia in the US. Recently visited me in England.

Click here for pictures of her visit to the North East earlier this year.

Teresa Waybright

A good friend from Ohio. Works for Varsity Rentals - and a true great friend from America

Parveen Hothi

Parv one of the first people I met on-line in 1996. We've had our arguments, but she's still a mate.

Jonathan Waybright

Jon is also from Ohio, same name as Teresa (above) - could that be a coincidence? Currently the best BMX racer in the galaxy.

Roy Ashley

Roy is from Texas and is my personal news source of information to make sure Gris is OK :o) And I appreciate it.