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Lintz Cricket Club

Blast From The Past



In this section, we look back with pictures of teams and individuals who have triumphed over the years.

More photographs will be added in time.


Due to the quality of these photos, it may take a while for your computer to download.


Tyneside Charity Bowl Winners - 1986

Back Row: (left to right) T. Turnbull, M. Edmunds, W. Johnson, J. Maguire, S. Clennell, N. Innes


Middle Row: (left to right) R. Nevin (V. Chairman), B. Tinnion, G. Turnbull, B. Matthewson, D. Payne, D. Nevin, P. Cameron, M. Largue (Scorer)


Front Row: (left to right) T. W. Carradice (President), G. Clennell (V. Captain), R. Cook (Secretary), G. Baker (Captain), E. Largue, R. Jackson (Chairman)


Absent: P. Tinnion





Division ‘A’ Champions, Tyneside Charity Bowl Winners & Jones Trophy Winners - 1982

Back Row: (left to right) A. Turnbull (Scorer), F. J. Smith (Treasurer), R. Bainbridge, S. Clennell, G. Baker, G. Clennell, G. Sanderson, E. Largue, T. Turnbull, D. Nevin, R. Nevin (V. Chairman)


Front Row: (left to right) T. W. Carradice (President), G. Roe, J. D. Lott (Captain), G. Wilkinson, R. Cook, R. Jackson (Chairman)




Northern Echo – 27th August, 1999

“Lintz CC is a unique club. They never engage a professional, their current 1stXI is made up entirely of players that came through their juniors and have three sets of brothers in the team”


Left to right: Graeme and Stuart Clennell, Gary and Lee Innes, Michael and Gary Christie.


Note: Lee and Gary Innes left Lintz CC in 2000 to join Greenside, with Lee as Professional.



Lintz Cricket Club 1910

Lintz Cricket Club, with William Street in the background.



Lintz Cricket Club

Lintz from the air in 1984, showing the cricket field and the adjoining football field. The Millers’ house was the last semi-detached on the left along the top edge of the ground. They considered appealing to the House of Lords but eventually moved away in 1978.



Lintz Cricket Club

Lintz cricket team, 1954.

Back Row: (left to right) Billy Cushing, Billy Cunningham, A. Rix, Ernie Wintrip, Jack Nevin, Bill Carradice


Front Row: (left to right) Bill Barnes, Bobby Moore, John Cromarty, Jack Cunningham, Bobby Cromarty.




AM Brown Trophy Winners - 1999

Back Row (left to right): Gary Christie, Graeme Nolan, Anthony Ward, Gordon Baker (Captain), Gary Innes, Duncan Batty, Graeme Clennell


Front Row (left to right): Michael Edmunds, David Nevin, Stuart Clennell, Kevin Johnson (12th man) and Trevor Wilson.



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