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A while ago, there were some comments added onto my guestbook. At first I was livid, and deleted them. But after a while, I thought the reply was so fantastic, I have been looking a copy of them for my webpage.

Basically, the girl called Linzi is my ex girlfriend. To cut a long story short, it could have ended more peacefully than it did, she got bored and started to email me with allsorts of crap - including an email which said I was a liar etc.

Linzi put an entry in my guestbook, which wasn't a very nice thing to do. A friend of mine, called Terry saw it, and wasn't too happy either. Then Linzi wrote the pathetic apology (below - Record 38).

Terry's reply is so brilliant, I thought it deserved it's own page on my website.

I salvaged a copy and these are the original entries….enjoy !


Record: 39

Name: Teresa Waybright


Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Ohio

Time: 1998-07-20 02:53:00


Surely you must realize, respectfully, that this gentleman, one we call friend, certainly did not deserve to receive your "diss" message in public view. A personal message such as this might have gone better had it been kept private, considering the situation. Naturally, friends of Ian are aware how things turned out between the two of you, as unfortunate as it may or may not be. You, young lady, left yourself wide open for a "judgement call" by not only leaving this note of personal content for all to see, but also by publisizing your photo's as some lagging attempt to rub salt in an open wound as it were. Your apology seemed sincere enough to begin with, yet twice you apologize for any offense caused, then scathe us for our opinions drawn…none of which were posted here, until now. Please dear child, do not consult to us what our rights may or may not be, we are fully capable of drawing our own conclusions on this one. Most of us with any intellect do not judge our books by their covers, we simply open them up and read the introduction or prologue. At that point, we either read on or choose to close that literary piece of nonsense, as was done here.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Record: 38

Name: Linzi

Website: Linzi's Webpage

Referred by: From A Friend

From: Newcastle

Time: 1998-07-19 11:07:00


I would like to apologise to anyone who I may offend when I wrote that last message in Ian's guestbook. Believe me I had good intentions when writing it. I would also like to say that it's not fair judging someone who you don't know and who you've never met. You should never judge a book by it's cover, so why judge a person who you don't know? Sorry again for any offense I may have caused any of Ian's friends, just know that if you don't know what went on between me and Ian then you have no reason to slag me off.