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Lintz Cricket Club

Player Profiles 2002


Gordon Baker – 1st XI Captain

Gordon has played for Lintz since his introduction to Junior cricket in the mid 1970’s. Since then, he has worked his way through the ranks to become 1st XI captain – a position he has enjoyed for many years. Gordon is a right hand opening batsman and scored over 300 runs in 2 innings against Greenside in 1999, and that helped him to lift the coveted title of League Player of the Year, voted for by his fellow League players.



Stuart ‘Stuarz / Stewy / Stu’ Clennell

Stuart joined Lintz in his Junior days with his older brother Graeme and is a successful opening batsman. Stuart can also turn his arm over in times of need.



Graeme ‘Clenners’ Clennell

Graeme is a successful all-rounder and has represented both the Tyneside Senior League and Durham County. Graeme has recently introduced his 2 children Nathan and Jordan to the Club, who are sure to be names to watch for in the future and has also recently celebrated his 40th birthday.



David ‘Kapil’ Nevin

All-rounder David has recently re-joined Lintz from a brief spell at Leadgate. Another player nurtured from the Junior ranks at Lintz, David has been known to be on more than one occasion a proven match winner. David will be vice-captain for the 2002 season.



Gary ‘GC’ Christie

Gary is an established and respected quick bowler, brought from the Junior ranks with his younger brother, Michael. He is also a fine stroke player in the middle order. Gary also organises the Junior coaching during the Winter. Gary returns from Australia in early 2002 ready to dominate the Lintz attack for the new season.



Michael ‘Wristy’ Christie

Michael is a richly talented wicket keeper and this has allowed him to play as a regular 1st XI player and for Durham County Under 19’s. Also a fine stroke player, Michael has had a number of successful innings.



Anthony ‘Wardy’ Ward

Anthony, brought up from the Junior ranks, whose big hitting has often proved crucial in tight situations. Anthony is also a useful quick bowler and can also boost the team morale.



Michael ‘Eddy’ Edmunds

Michael is a spin bowler and has finished top of the club bowling averages for the last 4 seasons. Michael is also useful for his big hitting, which on numerous occasions has proved vital.



Photo coming soon

Trevor ‘Face / Loose / Waygwar / Willow’ Wilson

Trevor is a medium pace bowler whose nagging accuracy grants him success in many match situations. He is also a useful middle order batsman.



Gary ‘Ginge / Feet’ Johnson

Gary, after a very short spell at ‘friendly rivals’ Burnopfield, rejoins his first club and is currently in the 1st XI. Gary often opens the bowling and is still on a learning curve.



James ‘Jimmy’ Murray – 2nd XI Captain

James had again a very successful season in 2001 with the bat. Having recently been voted players player of the season for the second year running, reflects the massive amount of respect and trust his players have in him.



Chris ‘CJ’ Jones – 2nd XI Vice-Captain

Chris, another player nurtured from the Junior ranks, is the 2nd XI Vice-Captain. His mature attitude, together with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the game is vital for the spirit of the team. Chris has had a great season in 2001 with the bat. His fielding is, as usual, still superb.

Update…Chris will be unavailable for the start of the 2002 campaign because of a troublesome knee injury. We hope he has a speedy recovery cos we need ‘im.



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Billy ‘Beach Boy / Mouse Trap / The Rift / Bob’ Johnson

Another of the Lintz players brought up from the Junior ranks, Billy has played in both the 1st and 2nd XI’s, but has recently enjoyed success in the 2nd XI batting as part of the top order.

After a spell away, The Rift will be returning to the fold in 2002.



Kevin ‘Shoulders / Kev’ Johnson

Kevin, an all-round sportsman, adds an athletic edge to the regular 2nd XI, whilst is also on hand to add his fielding attributes to the 1st XI. Also a handy bowler and useful up and coming batsman, Kevin is one to watch for the future.

2002 Update: after an injury to his hand while delivering milk, Kevin will return to action in June 2002.



David ‘Double D / Defensive’ Dollan

David, a young wicket keeper, is another of the promising Junior players and is currently playing in the 2nd XI, having been scorer for previous seasons. David will be playing Under 18 cricket in 2002.



Photo coming soon

Paul ‘Cam’ Cameron

After 8 years away, we are delighted to announce the return of Paul to our playing staff. Once a formidable opening batsman for the 1st XI, Paul is an excellent coup for the 2nd XI and will no doubt post some excellent runs in 2002. Paul has also introduced his daughter Hannah to the game, and she could well be a name to watch out for in the future!



Photo coming soon

Robert ‘Tommy / Thomas’ Cook

Robert, the former Durham County paceman has played for Lintz since 1963, and is still going strong (!). Celebrating his 15th year as Secretary in 2000 and 50th birthday in 2001, Bob has represented Lintz at all levels, from Juniors to 1st XI. He was also a member of the League & Charity Bowl double-winning side of 1992, and together with Bobby Bainbridge, formed a formidable fast bowling attack. Robert is now languishing in the twilight of his career in the 2ndXI, and is a useful moral boost to the team.



Christopher ‘Barry / Bowesy / Baz’ Bowes

Chris, the left handed student of Northumbria University, was last seasons spin-king with numerous quality performances on pitches with very little to offer. His unorthodox chinaman delivery stride often proves to be a great asset.



Stephen ‘Smidger’ Smith

Stephen is a very promising quick bowler, and having learned his trade with Durham County, is currently showing off his skills in the 1st XI. Stephen is also a dab hand with the bat and will also be playing Under 18 cricket in 2002.

Many congratulations to Stephen on being selected for the England U15 squad and everyone at with Lintz Cricket Club wishes him every success in his future with the National side.



Mark ‘Greyhound’ Gray

After a season away in 2000, Mark has returned with his team spirit and top order batting, which will prove useful when Lintz are often on the chase. Mark is another product of the Lintz juniors.

Mark has recently broken the Lintz record for the ‘biggest six’ ever. In a match in 2001 against Philadelphia when the ball travelled into the stratosphere. He nearly equalled the feat against Shotley Bridge a few days later.



Stephen Moody

Stephen has been playing for Lintz for the last 2 years, and is rapidly becoming once of our brightest prospects for the future.



Richard Moody

Richard is Stephen’s twin brother, and is an Under 18 quick bowler. Richard is also an established 2nd XI player.



Photo coming soon

Derek ‘The Silver Fox / Deg’ McConnell

Derek is currently replenishing his role as 2ndXI batsman. Often gets the team out of trouble in cup matches, Derek has often proved his stable batting with a few high scores for the 1st XI in previous seasons.



Ray ‘The Great Raymondo’ Forster

Ray has recently been asked to play for the 2nd XI because of his vast knowledge of the game and to add a bit of experience to the team.



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David ‘Hat’ Nevin

David has recently been working in America and unfortunately has not been able to play much cricket in 2000 or 2001. He has recently returned from South Africa and after a few games for the 2nd XI, its easy to see why he is a big miss to the team when not around.



Paul ‘Pablo’ Armstrong

We are very pleased to announce that Paul will be joining the Club for the 2002 season. Paul lives in the village and joins us from Premier League side Blaydon.

Paul is a medium pace bowler and a very useful big hitting batsman, and is a great coup for the 2nd XI.



Photo coming soon

Richard ‘Dicky’ Brewis

Richard is another coup for the 2002 season and joins us from rivals Burnopfield.

Although an established 2nd XI player, Richard will no doubt be drafted into the 1st XI because of his athletic fielding and useful batting.



Richard ‘Ginge’ Foster

Richard is currently an Under 18. He is often called upon for his quick bowling, and is also useful for some late quick-fire innings. As well as being an all round sportsman, he also plays football for Sandhole.



Paul ‘Chubbs’ Forster

Paul made his 2ndXI debut in 2000, having made the move from Junior cricket and will move forward to U15 cricket in 2001.



Chris ‘Voicebox’ Gray

Christopher is the younger brother of Mark, and is currently an Under 15 and Under 18 player. Chris is an enthusiastic player, who we hope will turn out to be one of our best players in the future.



Thomas ‘Tom’ Forster

Thomas is a Junior player, currently languishing on the fringe of the 2nd XI.



Photo coming soon

Hannah Cameron

Hannah is currently the official 2nd XI scorer.



Andrew ‘Andy’ Smith

Andy, younger brother of Stephen, is the 1st XI official scorer.




Photo never coming

Ian ‘Cheffy’ Cook

The webmaster, Ian Cook has played a few games for the 2nd XI in 2002 and thought himself worthy of getting onto the ‘Player Profiles’ page. Hasn’t done much though !




Thanks to Paul Lumley (ex-Lintz) for his help with the player profiles.