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Lintz Cricket Club

Social Activities



Lintz Cricket Club is proud of the Clubhouse it provides to it's players and members.

In 1979 we nearly doubled the area and it now comprises of a bar and lounge area, which offers a relaxing and comfortable place to socialise.

Lintz was, for many years, supplied by Vaux Breweries of Sunderland, but since its closure in 1999, Lintz have now changed to Scottish and Newcastle Breweries.

Drinks that are on draught are as follows…

John Smiths Extra Smooth

Fosters Lager

Millers Lager

McEwan's Best Scotch

Woodpecker Cider

and Theakstons.

Bottles beers come in the form of:

Newcastle Brown Ale

Holsten Pils

McEwan's Export


Foster's Ice

Labbatt Blue

and Budweiser, to name but a few.

Other beverages are available, such as Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Rum, as well as soft drinks (Coca Cola, lemonade, orange, blackcurrant and lemon & lime). Fruit juices and soda are also available.





Lintz Cricket Club offers a wide range of social activities, including a spacious lounge area that can accommodate up to 50 people - perfect for such events like engagement or birthday parties.

The Club is also involved in the Winter Darts and Domino League.

The Cricket Club is also the headquarters for the Lintz Allotment Association.

Weekly bingo is held for social members, and is very popular on a Saturday night from 10pm.

Every year, the Annual Senior Members Christmas Dinner is held - an event saying Thank You from the Club to our Over 65 members. Entertainment is provided, together with a traditional Christmas meal and the chance to socialise and have a get together.

Presentation Evenings are organised every year for the Senior and Junior players.

Annual B-B-Q's are organised during the Summer months.

Comedians, sports speakers have also been at the club - footballing legend Jack Charlton was the speaker in 1999.

Many more events are planned for the coming months…


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