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Carolyn's Visit to the UK


Carolyn visited England earlier this year. She had a great time, so did I - and these are a few pictures of Carolyn when she was with me at the start and the end of her week long vacation.

She stayed in the North East for the 2 weekends, and travelled on her own to Scotland for the week.

It was with regret when she went back home, I loved every minute when she was here, and I hope its not long before we meet again soon. She is a great woman, a good laugh and a true friend.

Click on the pictures to enlarge the photo.

This picture shows an Angel, and a rather tall metal sculpture. This picture shows the real size compared to a human being. Pity they took the enlarged Newcastle United shirt from off the Angel - but there you go. Some people have no sense of humour.

This photo was taken when we went for a drive up the Northumberland coast. We stopped off at a park in Blyth.

This is a lovely photo, again at the park we went to.

This photo was taken on the entrance to the Angel of the North.

This game is going to take off in America when Carolyn starts off a new "bowling" craze, and not the Ten-Pin bowling either. This is lawn bowling, and Carolyn seemed to love it !

Yes, it IS true, the British are as mad as the Americans. Here you can see nude kids and adults playing in a non-heated swimming pool in the middle of Autumn, you see, we're mad.

Some highlights from what I hope was a great trip to Britain. As I said, lets hope its not long before she gets a chance to take me on a tour of Arlington in Virginia!